Developing For The Future

We specialise in the development of bespoke software applications for enterprise, enabling businesses to achieve the solutions they envision.

Services Tailored to Your Business Requirements

Every organisation has different needs when it comes to software development, and at Prosoft our approach is tailored to offer the best fit for these requirements, whether for web, desktop or mobile applications. Our suite of services is augmented by the diverse skillset of our highly experienced team.

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Enjoy the flexibility of having us resource technical experts for you, whether for a short or long term basis. The benefits of increased capacity and additional expertise are invaluable to any team.

Application Development

We build powerful applications to solve those everyday business requirements.

System Integration

Connect, automate and unify your systems through effective API development.

Data Management

Processing and protecting data, ensuring you can always access reliable metrics.


We engage with businesses to scope, strategise and match technologies to needs.

Business Intelligence

Analyse and translate your data into actionable information, for informed decisions.

Packaged ERP Solutions

We also offer Epicor’s off-the-shelf enterprise resource planning technologies.

The Benefits of our Custom Development

With Prosoft, our clients enjoy a custom offering as unique as they are, as well as the upper-hand over competitors who are limited by off-the-shelf solutions.

Tailor-made to
business needs

As a result of the direct relationship, developers can more easily adapt to your requirement changes and collaborate with you on making the application the best it can be.

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In using software specifically designed to meet your needs, your team will be more confident, performing tasks faster and more efficiently.

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Security against external threats

Commercial off-the-shelf software is more vulnerable and attractive to hacking attacks. Custom developed software, on the other hand, is more secure and difficult to infiltrate, as it is only used within your organization.

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Scalable and long term investment

Unlike off-the-shelf software, custom software is built with all likely company changes in mind, allowing it to evolve as your company grows. And while there may be more upfront costs with custom software, you enjoy the cost savings of not having to purchase unnecessary hardware, licenses and pointless features.

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You own the

The custom-developed software belongs entirely to you and there is no other one like it. With off-the-shelf software one is at the mercy of the provider, relying on them for support and updates to improve the application, or running the risk of having to change providers at a later stage.

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Support and 

Clients enjoy the dependability of a technical support team that was involved in the development of the application itself, which ensures that they are familiar with your software and can handle any issues that may arise.

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You Are in Good Company

"Prosoft has made our dreams come true. Paperless and E-Procurement is now a reality for us. We save time, improve our competitive advantage in Procurement and no longer have the mountains of documentation."


“Their continuous support and willingness to share risk are just some elements that result in such a close partnership. Even after delivery of the new YellowPages website, great support and assistance was continuously provided to create a stable and functional platform.”


Looking to achieve the same for your business?

The team behind it all

Our development team has full stack skillsets, they are reliable and highly experienced (some with over 25 years’ development knowledge). Our consultant team consists of developers, business analysts, project managers, software testers and programme managers. They are proficient in the Microsoft tech stack as well as other technologies.

Introducing the Prosoft App

You can now manage your dev resources with the click of a button.